Change 4 Change

Change 4 Change

Change a Life, Leave a Legacy.
Change 4 Change is a fundraising initiative that Eikon began in 2010 with the goal of sharing the love of Jesus across the globe as we help the needy, equip and support churches, and bring the gospel. The premise is simple: we ask you to search your pockets, couches, and every crevice of your home for loose change. Every single penny can make a huge impact! Donate now!

Leave a Legacy in Guatemala
This year, we’ll be coming alongside Calvary Chapel La Esperanza in Guatemala for the first time by helping them establish a school for the community. La Esperanza is an impoverished area and illiteracy is an issue in that community. Calvary La Esperanza has already done so much to bring the gospel into the community, and building a school is one of the best ways to help meet the practical needs of the community. Donate now!

Leave a Legacy in Colombia
We’ll be returning to Colombia to make a difference by partnering with Calvary Chapel Cartagena. This year, we’ll be helping the church establish a restaurant within their community. This will help the church become self-sustaining. Cartagena is an expensive city and the church is dependent upon outside support to keep the ministry operating. This restaurant will also help the community by providing jobs for locals, in addition to serving as an outreach arm into the community. People that have never heard of the church or are not willing to come to church can now be ministered to at a restaurant operated by Calvary Cartagena. Donate now!

Leave a Legacy in Peru
We’re returning to Cajabamba, Peru for the third time. With this year’s initiative, we’ll be helping Calvary Chapel Cajabamb build a Safe Place orphan care center at their church facility. Following the model of 4Kids, Calvary Cajabamba has recognized the need to create a ministry and a space for orphans and abandoned children to be brought and cared for. As it stands, when a child gets abandoned or orphaned, they’re brought to the local prison. We want to change the system and have them brought to the church. Donate now!

Leave a Legacy in Italy
We are continuing a partnership with Calvary Chapel Montabelluna as we return to help them plant gospel-centered churches throughout Italy. In this past year, we have already seen a Calvary Chapel church launch in Peugia, Italy, with three other churches having recently been planted. Please help support the equipping of pastors and the building of churches in a nation that does not know the gospel. Donate now!

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